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Jeffrey Miller

Senior Pipeline Engineer at Nike

is currently a 3D pipeline engineer consultant for Nike developing their workflow and CGI tools. Before that, he worked as an XR developer at PixelHut and a programmer and designer at Nissan automotive. Jeff Has 3 years of experience working with Unity, 4 years of experience working with Unreal Engine, and 8 years of experience with 3D modeling. He has worked on projects for other companies such as GM, Chevrolet, Holden, Opel and Kia.

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Mark Jeffcock

VR and photogrammetry developer

Mark Jeffcock has been working with relational databases for 40 years, having worked at SERC, Reuters, BT and now Save The Children. In VR, he has taught 5 Unity courses and has been building worlds documenting the history of his local town, Colchester in the UK. His worlds have over 1,000 joins combined. Mark also has a particular interest in using photo-realistic techniques such as photogrammetry, 360 degree photospheres & 3D 180 photos. He has presented his work for both Educators in VR and CSinVR.

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